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Things to think about prior to booking with any stylist:
  • TIME RESTRICTED CLIENTS: We no longer approve appointments for clients who need to be out of the salon by a specific time. Time lapses happen often in this industry and are unpredictable. We can not, and will not work under time restrictions. We do not perform our best work under pressure, and find it to be extremely stressful. Please be mindful of this when booking. If you have a tight schedule on the same day you have a hair appointment, please choose another day, as we can not guarantee you will be finished by a specific time.    

  • ARRIVING LATE TO AN APPOINTMENT: please allow yourself plenty of time to arrive at your appointment. Every minute is counted for when we book clients. One client arriving late can completely throw off a stylists schedule. Please be considerate of your stylists time and others. If you are more than 10 minutes late, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment. If you find yourself running late, call your stylist at the salon directly 716-599-1045

  • CANCELLATIONS AND NO-SHOWS: kindly give 24-48 hours for any cancelations or rescheduling. Any first-time clients to not show their initial appointment will be charged a $100 no-show fee and will not be allowed to book with any other Bella Vero stylist in the future.

  • YOUNG CHILD POLICY: Due to safety considerations and limited space, children not receiving services are not permitted in the salon. Salons are filled with potentially dangerous items such as scissors, chemicals, hot irons, etc. This can be a serious liability to small business owners. Other clients in the salon may be using their salon time for “me time” and time to recharge. It is important to us that every client receives a relaxing salon experience. 

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